What is Clubhouse?


Clubhouse is semi-exclusive… for now

Only available for iPhone/iPad  users and only people invited can join in. 


Twitter’s hook is words, Instagram is about pictures and Facebook is about, well, faces but Clubhouse is the free social media network forged around audio.


It’s a bit like dropping into the live recording of a podcast, where you can actually raise your hand and ask a question, contribute to the conversation.


First day in the app, I was invited to come on stage and join amazing speakers and saw my Instagram account grew and I received a lot of DM’s from potential clients. 


You also wouldn’t know who would be in the room with you.


It is such a great place for authentic connections and it is so amazing to be connected and have access to people you wouldn’t otherwise have access to on a regular basis.

I also love that people are there really willing to serve and add value.


So I want you to join in the fun! I earn invite credits for being a speaker and I would like to share them with my subscribers. I would do a random draw every time I get invite credits so ENTER your information  below so you can be added on the list.

It's important that you ENTER the accurate information or you will no get the invite sent to you.

Once you're in the club, join our Facebook Group Clubhouse Canada if you're a business owner in Canada.



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