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If you're unknown, you're unsafe. Credibility shows customers that you’re safe and trustworthy. It’s impossible to generate more leads, sell more products, or attract more visitors without it. Without a website, most people will not acknowledge your products or services simply because it cannot be found online. With 93% of business decisions starting with a search engine search that means if you don't have a website, you are only selling to 7% of your market.

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First impressions last. Having good branding and website gives you the opportunity to build a long-lasting online relationship with your clients. Giving them the reassurance they need to trust your brand. A large portion of the market won't even consider you as an option when they are looking to buy if you don't have a website or proper branding.  A lot of people write off companies that don't have a website when planning to make purchases simply because they don't have a professional website. It gives the impression that it is a company that is very poorly managed.

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Online shopping has increased and since the internet doesn’t have a closing time, sales are growing even after hours! Because you are able to access a website almost anywhere at any time, the reach has become much wider, allowing your business to globally grow and target your demographic beyond your location.

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Your website and your social media platforms are always marketing your products and services even when you can’t directly, potentially generating sales all day long! Paying a digital marketing consulting firm that one-time fee is beneficial when it comes to keeping your brand relevant online. Your website alone is an advertisement for all of your business capabilities and can be extended through social media for further exposure. It may be a big spend on a small business’ budget but it is totally worth the investment.

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