Clean. Good. Beautiful.

Those of you who have visited the gabe+angel store in Oakville know that we try to do well by our bodies, our kids, and the environment as much as possible—but we make allowances for real life, too. Any concept of “perfection” is unrealistic and boring. Pizza, a brownie, a perfect martini, a glass of red…these aren’t “cheats” or “indulgences”—these are just moments that can make a week more pleasurable, a night out with friends more fun.

Here is the thing: We like to have the information we need to make our own choices. Sometimes those decisions revolve around fueling our bodies with super-clean meals; sometimes those decisions revolve around a grilled cheese and fries. But, really it’s about choice. It’s about controlling our destiny. So what does this have to do with beauty? We like clean, non-toxic beauty here at gabe+angel. You will find brands in our shop who we believe are holding themselves to very high standards in terms of choosing ingredients and formulations that are not harmful to our health. And most importantly, they are completely transparent with their formulations. There is a mistaken belief that in Canada, like many other things, the personal care industry is highly regulated. This is not the case at all. Even worst is the flagrant green-washing and marketing—“natural,” “organic,” “pure”—that makes people believe that they’re making great, health-centric choices. This is not okay. We all deserve to know what’s in our products so that we can choose whether to use them or not.

At gabe+angel, we did the vetting for you, so that you know that your intention to shop clean aligns with what we’re offering on our shelves and in our services. The great news in all of this is that the personal care industry is really cleaning up its act, in large part because of pressure from consumers like all of us who are demanding for safer options and more transparency about ingredients and formulas . This just shows you that as consumers, we have the power to change the direction and make these big companies listen to our demands.

Remember it’s always about transparency and balance.


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