Making Time For My Self!

I want to tell you about my recent experience at Gabe + Angel, an organic nail and beauty bar in Oakville, but before I tell you how much I loved the entire spa experience, I should tell you how much I needed it.

We have a great routine at home and things are usually under control despite our baby emptying out the kitchen cupboards and our toddler having energy that lasts longer than the energizer bunny. Our eldest son, Emilio is such a great help while he is enjoying summer with his friends. Summer has definitely kept me busier than usual with the kids home all day. Some days are seemingly perfect (and by perfect I mean no one threw a tantrum, including me), while other days leave me completely drained. Between preparing breakfast, lunches, and dinners with 100 snacks in between, cleaning up messes and chauffeuring the kids around, I completely neglected to do anything worthwhile for myself.

My eye bags could tell you all about it.


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