7 Ways to Delegate Effectively For Entrepreneurs

I read a great Forbes article the other day about the qualities that all successful entrepreneurs share.

The one that stood out for me is knowing how to delegate.

As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats and if you’re like me, you like things done a certain way. So this was something I struggled with. I want to do anything and everything I can, and I want to do as much of the work as possible.

For the most part especially when you’re a startup this is great but you’ll only stay interested and growing if as soon as you have an opportunity to delegate something to someone else so that you can focus on the things that require more of your attention, then you do it.

Yes, DIY is honorable but if you’re wasting so much time trying to figure out something that you’re not particularly good at or you don’t even enjoy doing, you are not doing yourself or your business a favour.

So here are 7 ways to delegate effectively:

  1. Be proactive. Recognize when your work is piling up too high, as early as possible, and take measures to address it before it becomes too much.

  2. Force yourself to delegate. You don't lose control by trusting other people who are also capable to do the job. You just need to free yourself up so you can focus on things that require more your attention.

  3. Know your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone brings something different to the table and understanding what each of your team member's attributes is key.

  4. Invest time in training. You don't want to be a single point of failure so share your knowledge so you're not lifting the weight on your own.

  5. Make your expectations clear. Let your teammates know exactly how you expect the task to be completed, and when you expect it to be done by.

  6. Verify. Trust that the job will get done but verify to address any potential issues.

  7. Be open to feedback. Understand that this is a process and it requires to practise so being open for feedback from everyone is important so necessary adjustments can be made to optimize success.

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