Does your Instagram page look like your brand?

Basically, you’ll want your audience — your followers, as well as people who are just discovering you on Instagram — to be able to look at your account and instantly associate it with your brand.

That means having a look and feel that’s consistent with your image.

Consistency is something that I cannot stress enough. This is why many businesses have a style manual or branding guidelines on hand; it serves as a bible of sorts for anyone who is tasked with creating content for the brand. It ensures that the words, colours, images, and everything else associated with the content remains perfectly aligned with what you’ve already established as your brand voice.

What’s the strategy driving your Instagram posts? Are you simply posting whatever comes to mind, or are you following an editorial calendar? Without a clear sense of the story you want to tell on Instagram, you can’t communicate your main message. 

Your Instagram account isn’t just a daily thought dump. It’s a long narrative that tells your audience everything they need to know about you. They should be able to know that when they look at your account as a whole.

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