Emotional Eating During Covid

As we approach the Holiday season with a Pandemic that doesn't seem to be going away (Lock-down anyone?) we are back at stocking up and filling our pantries with food.

If you find that you are reaching out for more snacks than usual then give yourself a pat on the back and say this out loud: 'IT'S OK NOT TO BE OK'

Turning to food is very normal around stressful times and let's face it, we are facing the mother of all stressful times. Craving more snacks is a coping strategy and one that even the healthiest and most balanced individual can go through!

I have a sweet tooth and two kids. Being a Mom first and Nutritionist second, it is very important to make sure I always create delicious & healthy treats that beat all the sugar-loaded options out there.

In fact, my passion to inspire people to thrive through what they eat is one of the reasons that pushed me to create my product line. They don't call me the 'Date Queen' for nothing!

If you share my love for something sweet then you will be happy to know that even though refined sugar is not good for you there are plenty of healthy alternatives that we have access to today. Here is a list of my favourites:

  • Dates, Date syrup and Date sugar

  • Coconut sugar

  • Maple Syrup

  • Honey

Since we are all baking more than ever, I will give you an easy way to exchange white and brown sugar in any recipe with a healthier option without ruining the taste or texture. Yes, brown sugar is just as refined like white sugar.

1 cup white/brown sugar = ¾ cup honey, maple/date syrup

1 cup white/brown sugar = 1 cup date / coconut sugar

It is worth noting that the caloric count won't be less when using honey or white sugar but the way your body absorbs it is completely different.

Did I get your sweet cravings stirred up with all this sugar talk? Good because I am sharing 2 of my favourite refined sugar-free recipes and ones you can create in 30 minutes or less

Chocolate & Coconut Pudding