What's the biggest learning from your time in isolation or lockdown this year?

For me, it's understanding the true meaning of essential and how little we really need to be happy.

Prior to COVID, a change of season could trigger my need to shop for new outfits. Now I realized, I don't need to. I realized that I don't need to buy into all the hype of the latest boots, jackets, etc. I know the fancy Instagram fall posts will have you fooled otherwise.

Instead, I spent time purging my closet and built myself a capsule wardrobe. I focused on keeping good quality monochromatic pieces that I can mix and match. If I am sensing the need to treat myself to new pieces, I visit my local thrift store or consignment shops or buy a small piece of accessory to jazz up my looks.

I feel good knowing that I am saving money and not adding to a society of pointless consumerism.

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