Inside Oakville's Exclusive Scalp Spa: Gyoker Hair Evolucio

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I had the chance to spend an afternoon at Gyoker Hair, and I’m super excited to share with you my amazing experience, plus an exclusive chat with the beautiful face behind this cool joint, Teo Manning. Sit back, relax, and join me on a journey through Oakville’s first and only Scalp Spa!

Teo Manning Owner of Gyoker Hair Evolucio

I've been in the beauty business for a bit and as a self-confessed spa addict, I was really curious about Gyoker. I mean seriously, I've never heard of a scalp spa.

Prior to my Gyoker visit, I decided to stop colouring my hair. I've always worked for a greener and cleaner lifestyle and ditching the colour and embracing the greys was one I really struggled with. But I knew it had to be done especially when I see a chunkful of hair on my bathroom floors every day!

I have to be honest, I was skeptical at first. I mean, its really just washing your hair and massaging your scalp right? Wrong! It's literally a facial except not on your face but on your scalp.

Here's what's included in their 4 Step Odjibik Scalp Facial Treatment:

1. Eliminating flakes (the mixture of sebum/oil and dead skin),

2. Exfoliating buildup (flake and product buildup) from the skin deep around hair roots,

3. Disinfecting both surface and deep skin using low-level ozone, hydrating the scalp, unclogging pores, stimulating scalp muscles with relaxing head massage, and improving and restoring broken capillaries and blood vessels.

4. Finally, the infusing of nutrients into deep scalp skin and root areas.

I love that the treatment is also ideal and safe for kids as young as 5 years old. So I naturally had to bring my mini for the experience.

I asked the owner Teo Manning on what makes Gyoker a unique and clean treatment and here's what she said:

"We care for your scalp in the same way that an aesthetician cares for your face. We use the most advanced equipment such as galvanic workstations, especially and exclusively designed for our scalp treatment. These remarkable machines can manipulate positive and negative ions which allow us to reach the deep scalp skin.  The Products we use are plant-derived natural ingredients, Free of harsh chemicals such as sulfate, parabens, petrochemical, synthetic color, and also cruelty-free. Cleanse and nourishes the scalp thoroughly without using harsh sulphate, ensures a healthy environment for scalp and roots. Effective for dry, brittle, damaged, thinning hair as well as for eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis."

Super relaxing

It was definitely a treatment I never knew I needed. Before coming to Gyoker both my daughter and I, had flakey scalp and it was itchy. You can really feel the difference after the treatment and see it too cause they will show you through this magnifying gadget. And although it's a scalp treatment, I felt that my brain had a massage.

I love the fresh and light aesthetics of the place and the abundant amount of greens. The staff is so lovely, friendly, and accommodating. The owner Teo made the experience very enjoyable and educational too. My daughter now knows how to properly wash her hair and after showing a magnified view of our scalp we now understand why it's important. So we are convinced that we are not jumping on the no-poo wagon soon or ever!

Love all the greens!

To learn more, visit or to book your scalp analysis today. Use promo code gabeandangel and receive 10% OFF your treatment.

Cheers to heathy scalp and hair!


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