Intention + Action

"We judge ourselves by our intentions, but others judge us by our actions."

I remember when I first heard this quote. It was from an old mentor. I was a rookie manager then. And I remember sitting in his office feeling frustrated. I was asking for his advice as I was struggling to connect with one of my team members.

And I remembered saying “I don’t understand why he is behaving like this when I’m only trying to help.”

And my mentor looked at me smiling and said “Sometimes we get so busy with doing that we don’t take a step back and assess whether our actions are supporting our intentions.”

And this stuck with me to this day.

When I opened this Instagram account, I wrote my intentions of what it will be used for.

To support, inform, inspire, and entertain.

Before I post anything, I ask this question, “Does this support my intention?” If the answer is no, then it has no room in my feed.

If all of a sudden I posted a picture of my hand on a steering wheel of a Rolls Royce (not that I own one) with an 😉 as my caption, does this support my intention?

Yet, how many times do you see people do this? Maybe not with a Rolls Royce but you see my point. Then they wonder why their intent is not connecting.

When I work with people or design their marketing strategy, I always ask this question. What is their brand’s intent? I want to make sure it is clearly articulated in the designs, the images, the captions, and the actions, basically in anything and everything.

If you are not clear with your intent and your brand identity, guess what, you’ll end up just confusing people.

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