Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

If like many small business owners, you find social media overwhelming, you're not alone. Take small steps when you are starting out, don’t try to do it all at once, and bear in mind that it will take time, because it’s all about relationship building.

Having a solid social media strategy can really make a difference to the success of your marketing campaigns. Note that your plan will likely evolve and change accordingly as you learn what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Benefits of social media from a marketing perspective:

  • Extend your marketing reach affordably.

  • Increase brand awareness.

  • Drive traffic to your website.

  • Personalize customer service.

  • Create excitement for events.

  • Promote product/service launches.

  • Build a community of customers who, by virtue of membership, endorse your products/services.

  • Test market ideas.

  • Open up new markets.

  • Complement other marketing efforts such as paid marketing campaigns.

  • Integrate a social element into your business by personalizing your company.

Below are the must-have social media tools for small businesses.

  1. Twitter. You can use Twitter to build connections with a relevant audience. These connections can lead to actions across a network of loyal customers for your business.

  2. Facebook. It’s a great opportunity for a company to make online sales, get a following around the brand,  create a platform where customers can discuss the products.

  3. Instagram. Instagram’s highly curated and personal environment, the content is seen as trustworthy authentic, and relevant, and subsequently, more likely to inspire action. 

  4. Linkedin. LinkedIn is ideal for building connections for freelance work, a customer base, referral source, or potential partners.

  5. Pinterest. Pinterest is an online tool for collecting and organizing images, has become important for some, particularly designers. It's also a great platform to look for ideas and inspirations.

There are many players and platforms to choose from in the rapidly evolving social media landscape. Each is unique and presents a different opportunity to engage with your target audience.

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