How are you feeling?

November 11, 2017

We are officially 1 week away from our Grand Opening and the big question I always get now is, "How are you feeling?". I find it hard to put into words how exactly I am feeling because it's a mix of every emotion. Am I excited? Who wouldn't be? I'm about to fulfill one of my childhood dreams? Nervous? I'm feeling nerves I never knew existed.  Overwhelmed? Between managing contractors, suppliers, marketing, hiring and training, bookkeeping, dealing with all sorts of permits and being a mom trying to live a healthy and balance life, you bet I am! Anxious? Yep. Exhausted? Yep. Thrilled? Yep. Happy? Yep. Yet somehow those words don't do justice as to exactly how I'm feeling.


Talking to my lead contractor Brian yesterday of Thomco Restorations  who I absolutely love! When do you ever hear the word, contractor and love in one sentence? Yeah! Exactly! I can't praise this man and his crew enough. I am writing a whole blog just about them for another day. Looking at what we have accomplished in a span of 2 months, we had to give each other a pat on the back and of course big hugs! But kudos to this man and his patience. I know I can be extremely demanding, and that's putting it mildly but he managed to exceed my expectations. From my little scribble of a layout that my 7 year olds can do a better of job drawing, Brian somehow saw my vision and brought it to life.



I am feeling all sorts of feelings but the one I feel the most is grateful. I am grateful that I am surrounded by amazing people, from my family, friends, tribe mates, old bosses, colleagues and business partners who are all cheering and rooting for me and for gabe+angel, I am overwhelmed by your support and I am very humbled that I managed to have a collection of people that pushes me to do better.



Wait till you see gabe+angel come to life! See you in 7 days!



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