8 Small Businesses You Need To Know

For this month we are featuring women-owned small businesses in and around Toronto.

During these volatile environments, smaller, local businesses count on your support in order to stay afloat; every transaction is precious to them. So when deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars, consider the benefits of turning to local, independently-owned businesses within our community.

There are far-reaching advantages to deciding to “shop local.” By supporting local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesses. READ MORE ABOUT THE POSITIVE IMPACTS OF SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES HERE.

The Fifth Dance

Owner's Name: Sarahi Cardenas

Email: thefifthdance@gmail.com

Phone: (647)746-5355

Website: http://www.thefifthdance.com

Tell us a bit about your business: To provide a safe and drama-free environment where we are all dancers professional and recreational alike can be inspired by each other. We want to be a part of your dance journey and celebrate all your achievements with you. Our vision is to become one large community of talented individuals and a place you can call home.

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The Kuration Gallery

Owner's Name: Remy Gecelter

Email: thekurationgallery@gmail.com

Website: https://www.thekurationgallery.com

Tell us a bit about your business: The Kuration was born out of the desire to share upcoming and established artists’ talent with a wider audience. The goal for many artists is to showcase their work in art galleries and exhibits however, penetrating into this industry can be a somewhat huge challenge. The Kuration aims to share undeniable, Canadian talent and allow collectors to purchase limited edition and original pieces from all price ranges.

Bryn Bamber Mental Health Services

Owner's Name: Bryn Bamber

Email: bryn@brynbamber.com

Phone: (437)344-0345

Website: https://brynbamber.com/

Tell us a bit about your business: Core Energetics helped take me from being anxious 90% of the time, to being anxious 30% of the time. It brings together the body, the mind, and the spirit to heal in a way I hadn't experienced with talk therapy and the healing goes much more quickly. And I love watching my client's lives be transformed, they feel more confident and set healthy boundaries with family members that were difficult to set in the past.

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Owner's Name: Sanya Hassan & Natasha Masood

Email: info@patisseh.com

Phone: (416)824-5200

Website: https://patisseh.com

Tell us a bit about your business: We are two sisters who offer high quality, handcrafted confectionery through Patisseh. We pride ourselves on constantly evolving and offering our clients new products that marry good food with fun times!

Coco + Nelly Spa

Owner: Paulina Rutyna

Email: cocoandnellyspa@gmail.com

Website: www.cocoandnelly.com

Phone: (647) 624-6566

Tell us a bit about your business: Leave your worries aside and prepare to be pampered during the lush experience of a lifetime at Coco & Nelly Spa. Enjoy an enchanting setting, warm and inviting staff, and explore all the amazing treatments available. Coco & Nelly Spa is a place of true relaxation, and we are devoted to calming your mind, body, and soul.

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Nona Skincare

Owner's Name: Noor Zaytona

Email: nonaskincare@outlook.com

Phone: 647-961-9944

Website: https://nonaskincare.com

Please tell us a bit about your business: We make sure our clients feel comfortable and provide them the proper time and treatment depends on their skin needs. Using the highest quality medical grade skin care products and machines. Our number one priority is cleanliness either during COVID time or not.

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Rose & Sage Spa

Owner: Nindi Chima

Email: roseandsagespa@gmail.com

Website: www.roseandsagespa.com

Phone: (416) 648-9997

Tell us a bit about your business: 

Combining Reiki to promote the skin’s regenerative self-healing ability and the world’s finest botanicals crafted to gently care for your skin and elevate your mood.

We work on your face and body to increase the flow of energy to clear blockages in your chakras (energy centres). Each treatment is customized to your skin type and current condition, We will nurture your skin and body

with a relaxing and holistic facial experience.

Special Promo: 10% OFF your first visit when you use the code GABEANDANGEL

Clari Hill

Owner's Name: Avree Scarcello

Email: avreescarcello@gmail.com

Phone: (519)741-6610

Website: https://clarrihill.com/

Tell us a bit about your business: The foundation of everything we do at CLARRI HILL is focused on creating quality, natural-based products. CLARRI HILL was created with simple luxury in mind. We believe that experiencing luxurious scents and aromas should be easy and approachable for everybody. We all deserve some time to relax and enjoy simple luxury of beautiful home scents and aromas in our lives. Made in Toronto, with love.

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